Martin Budny

Im a coach with the certification of Kaizen-Muse-Creativity-Coaching KMCC.

I’m a professional artist and actor with over 20 years of Canadian and International experience within the cultural-artistic milieu. My teaching and coaching practice evolved out of a desire to share my experience and a genuine interest in helping friends and colleagues realize their potential. Themes that we frequently covered were related to ideas around creative/artistic practice, lifestyle and productivity.

My aim is to contribute to your development and success by approaching your process/practice/project in a holistic, intuitive and non-intimidating way and helping you change the way you think about your blocks.

Through small steps and questions and in session experiences we reshape habits, thinking and actions over a realistic period of time and learn how to:

  • Observe and train our awareness.

  • Search and discover what energizes interests us.

  • Acknowledge and understand our creative process.


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